Digital clothing and equipment management

A clear, digital solution for all fitting-out processes would be a great relief for many companies. ZUGSEIL.BEST offers you exactly that: low effort, user-friendly clothing and equipment management.

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Equipment management at a glance

The dashboard is the personal overview page for the registered employee. All processes related to the equipment can be clearly triggered and their status can be viewed within the dashboard.

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Everything at a glance
The ZUGSEIL.BEST shop and dashboard are customised for our clients. You can personalise your login screen, brand the shop with your logo and CI colours and define the information for your employees on the dashboard.
Interaction platform

The dashboard also serves as an interaction platform for all those involved in the fitting-out process. Desired information on the ordering process reaches relevant employee groups directly and complaints or cancellations of orders that have already been placed can also be triggered independently. In addition, upcoming fitting or measurement appointments can be easily and reliably planned and managed.

Information and navigation

ZUGSEIL.BEST offers much more than a standard employee shop: our dashboard also serves as an information and navigation centrepiece far beyond the ordering process. Individual corporate communication, communication of relevant safety topics and targeted information for specific employee groups can be managed via our dashboard as well as training offers or further educations.

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Field of Application for ZUGSEIL.BEST

Different challenges need a comprehensive solution

Digitisation of the entire clothing store
Employee measurement and sizing (also AI supported), dressing process, customisation, exchange & replacement management, repair, laundry & reprocessing, maintenance, undress & return management
Management of protective equipment
Guarantee and documentation of occupational health and safety regulations, set of rules with mandatory parts, individual parts management, implementation of individual or group-related equipment profiles, lifecycle tracking with maintenance and test intervals, washing & wear cycle tracking
High Transparency for All Processes
e.g. clear employee profiles with warning levels (e.g. for missing parts or overdue maintenance), controlling evaluations for ordering behaviour, cost control across all cost centres, cost distribution and visibility of capital commitment in real time
Corporate Fashion for companies
Individual staff self-service or decentralised order management in units, budget & cost control, individualisation of parts (pilot stripes, unit badges, etc.) up to customised clothing, mapping of team structures with units, team leaders and release rules
Asset-Tracking und Life-Cycle-Management
Including security-relevant goods such as firearms, goods with a defined maintenance or inspection cycle such as fire extinguishers and medical cases, or items with a high value or central importance. Possible tracking technologies: Barcodes, RFID, etc.
Sustainable Resource Management
Second-hand, re-use scenarios, re-use of individualised products, optional inventory planning, reprocessing such as laundry reduction of disposables, upgrading of recyclable, high-quality, durable goods.
Optimum security of supply
Use of analysis of inventory data, ordering behaviour and other prognostic parameters, determination of the optimal relationship between delivery capability and warehouse capital commitment, multi-supplier strategies, procurement support with product variants, procurement automation
Ensuring Corporate Identity Guidelines
Ensuring with freely selectable rule sets, regional uniforms (e.g.: lowlands are different to mountainous areas), gender, assignment type (gardener vs. chauffeur), cost centre, wearing time management, minimum quantities, showing employees with equipment risk
Ideal textile stock management
Sizes, made-to-measure parts warehouse (individual part recognition and management), customisable parts (pilot stripes, sleeves 2cm shorter on the left), optional stock disposition, multi-level warehouse concepts, warehouse outsourcing to logistics companies, optimised availability


Make it easy for yourself

ZUGSEIL.BEST, because complex needs require experienced partners.

Modern clothing and equipment management involves an extremely high degree of complexity with its diverse components such as clothing and equipment procurement, measurement management, textile warehouse management, size-fitting ordering, textile disposition, consumer management, lifecycle management, laundry logistics and returns management and much more.

The pressure of digitalisation with its various effects on decision-makers and employees (e.g. the progress from analogue to digital clothing cards, fully digital clothing store, assisted ordering), the major challenge of data security, growing requirements for occupational health and safety and documentation and, last but not least, sustainability issues such as recycling and second-hand use are further aspects that increasingly need to be taken into account.

Unlike standard employee order shops, which usually only cover basic processes, the innovative clothing and equipment management software ZUGSEIL.BEST offers you a comprehensive and clear solution for all these special processes with their complex challenges. And with ZUGSEIL.BEST you also open up the forward-looking advantages of state-of-the-art platform technology to your company.



The ZUGSEIL Equipment Assistant (PAM)

Ordering made easy

ZUGSEIL.BEST is designed so intuitively that your employees can order independently and without extensive training their work clothing, work protection, workwear, service clothing or uniforms. This can be achieved in just a few steps, exactly according to the employee-specific needs and your guidelines. Even for customisable products, our configurator can reliably manage the solution space and ensure budgeting.

Time-consuming searches and incorrect orders are eliminated. This saves time and expensive resources. To use all functions, all you need is a personal log-in, an internet connection and a device with a web browser (PC, tablet, smartphone).

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Employee logs in to ZUGSEIL.BEST


We think the BEST.Digitization is possible

Within your company and with your partners

In-house process digitalisation is the first step

We create an individual internal data ecosystem for your company to optimally organise your staff equipment with ZUGSEIL.BEST. Along your suitably defined set of rules, all requirements are implemented digitally and processes are organised as optimally as possible.

  • With the help of automatic demand forecasting, upcoming orders are scheduled with the supplier at an early stage. Supply bottlenecks can therefore be avoided.
  • The actual orders - carried out independently by the individual employees with ZUGSEIL.BEST - are forwarded fully automatically to the right supplier and an immediate delivery is triggered.
  • There is full transparency about the respective status in the process chains from order to payment (Procure-To-Pay) at any time.
  • The status of individual employee equipment and the capital commitment for individual employees, employee groups and total stocks can be viewed at any time.
Cross-company digital collaboration is the future

In addition to the internal optimisation, which is already standard for many companies, you can organise your processes and process chains across your company boundaries with ZUGSEIL.BEST. And this without any additional effort.

We enable modern supplier management with our innovative software:

  • with any number of suppliers
  • in real time
  • and in the best case: directly and fully integrated without any interface projects

Join us in rethinking digital collaboration and take advantage of the unique benefits of our underlying b-op platform technology. This applies not only to the interface-free connection of suppliers but also to interaction in process chains with service providers such as laundries, workshops, service organisations or logistics companies.

Both the automation and the newly gained transparency of your process chains with ZUGSEIL.BEST save money and valuable time. You also gain improved planning reliability and new opportunities for interactive cooperation for yourself and your partners.


We can do even more than equipment management

Customisation of ZUGSEIL.BEST for specific digital challenges

Are you interested in other ZUGSEIL software tools? We offer our customers whose digitisation needs go beyond ZUGSEIL.BEST a wide range of innovative and in some cases highly specialised tools. All ZUGSEIL applications can be expanded modularly up to a complete ERP. They are interface-free and can be integrated immediately without any integration effort. Here you will find an overview.