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Isolated solution or Best of Suite?
ZUGSEIL is both.

No matter how you prioritize your digitization projects, with ZUGSEIL you secure all options in the best possible way.

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There are a huge number of software packages for process or business handling worldwide. All of them promise valuable improvements through digitization. Often, however, at the very beginning of the acquisition of IT solutions, the fundamental decision is made whether to go for a broad-based provider with more or less all functions ("Best of Suite") OR to choose specialized island software packages ("Best of Breed") for the core business or important secondary processes.

In the first case, mostly only common standard processes are supported, which can only be adapted to specific processes with high financial effort. In the second case, specific processes are optimally organized by specialized providers, but additional software solutions and complex and cost-intensive interfaces are required to digitize the remaining standard processes or to integrate the individual island applications into a more comprehensive process environment.

ZUGSEIL offers you the chance to escape this dilemma, because no matter where you want to start from, all digitization paths are open to you. Because not only our basic software ZUGSEIL.BEST but also each of our highly specialized software solutions is based on the same universal data model of b-op and all of them work together naturally and immediately without expensive interface projects.

Benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in the complex field of equipment management for corporate customers and the reliable digitalization of the relevant basic processes in our standard solution ZUGSEIL.BEST.

With ZUGSEIL you secure the "Best of Both" alternative.

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